India's Largest Astronomy & Space Olympiad

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National Astronomy & Science  Olympiad (NASO)is the World’s biggest Astronomy & Space Olympiad exam for school students. Though our name says “National”, NASO is now an International Olympiad with students and schools enrolling from several countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Yemen and Dubai, apart from India.

We are delighted to announce the launch the ‘National Astronomy & Science Olympiad” for the new Academic Year. You and your prestigious school are invited to register in the NASO Olympiad Exam and enable your students to explore Astronomy & Space science. This will help to gauge their performance matrix, compete with other students and get a chance to be part of a very niche student-team which will develop, build & launch Satellite’s.

What is NASO?

Largest Astronomy & Space Olympiad

A comprehensively designed, skill based competitive assessment for school students

Prepares You for Future Workforce

A comprehensively designed, skill based competitive assessment for school students

Lets You Compete at a Global Level

Examines the learning levels of students and encourages them to achieve higher learning goals

Our Corporate Associations

We are proud to share with you the list of associations and partnerships that we have established for spreading Astronomy & Space Education:

Talks are on with Niti Aayog and DRDO too for their outreach program

Free Astronomy Learning Program

NASO is beyond Olympiad Power-ups– The NASO

Features of NASO Olympiad

Scientifically designed graded questions.
Creates Interest & Awareness towards Astronomy Science.
Provides Comparative Analysis to students and schools.
Promotes deeper level of learning.
Guides schools to redefine their learning objectives and teaching standards.
Exhaustive and detailed reports which give a clear understanding of the performance of students.
Evaluates the academic skill levels of students and helps them achieve desired learning goals.

The NASO Books for Preparation

NASO Comprehensive Guide – Grade 7


NASO Comprehensive Guide – Grade 8


NASO Comprehensive Guide – Grade 9


NASO Comprehensive Guide – Grade 10


Our Teachers

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Astronomy Education Programs

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