Welcome to NASO – India’s most captivating and enriching astronomy and space olympiad! NASO offers an extraordinary platform for young minds to delve into the wonders of space and astronomy. Our comprehensive curriculum unlocks a universe of knowledge, igniting curiosity and inspiring brilliance. But that’s not all! NASO Power Up sessions provide exclusive access to esteemed scientists and astronomers, granting participants unparalleled insights into cutting-edge research and discoveries. Embrace this opportunity to interact with like-minded enthusiasts from across the globe, as you prepare for a journey filled with weekly updates, monthly quizzes, and exciting awards. Join us in this exhilarating quest to explore the cosmos and unleash your full potential with NASO Olympiad!


With NASO, the rewards are as grand as the cosmos itself! Prepare to be astounded by the array of exciting awards that await our talented participants. From scholarships and internships to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, your dedication and hard work will be celebrated and cherished. Showcase your skills among thousands of participants, and let your brilliance shine bright in the galaxy of space enthusiasts. NASO offers a unique chance to not only expand your knowledge but also bolster your academic and professional credentials. Embrace this incredible journey of discovery, where your passion for space and astronomy will be nurtured and celebrated. Enroll now and let the NASO Olympiad elevate your dreams and aspirations to celestial heights!

Our Top Collaborations

We are in the final stages of discussions with Niti Aayog and DRDO for their outreach program

Level-I: School Round

The first level of NASO 2024 is the space preparatory round which is meant to test the students’ general aptitude towards Astronomy and Space Science and build foundational knowledge on the subject.

Class level syllabus
50 MCQs with 60 minutes time limit
Syllabus related to Science and Astronomy
No negative marking
Qualifiers of Level-1 will be awarded Certificates of Appreciation and medal.
Participation Certificates to all level-1 participants.
Level-1 is conducted on the school premises only and the date is decided as per the school schedule.
12% of the students will proceed to the next level.
Level-II: National Round

This is the final level where the top performers from all the participating schools will compete for National awards and prizes. In this level, the students will be tested on their ability to research and explore.  

Class level syllabus

 50 researched based questions with 60 minutes time limit.

Level 2 will be conducted in the third week of February. Admit cards will be sent to schools by end of January.

Previous Year e-papers and Astronomy syllabus material will be provided for students qualified to Level-2

 Each qualifier of Level-2 will be awarded a Certificate of appreciation and a medal.

Free Astronomy Learning Program

NASO is beyond Olympiad Power-ups– The NASO

Schedule of NASO Exam AY 24-25:

NASO is much more than a regular Olympiad. Enrolled students get free access to NASO – Online Powerup sessions by eminent astronomers and space scientists across the globe.

30th June 2024
Closing date for contest registration
1st June 2024
School can download student contest packs Free (Question Banks / E-books)
30th August 2024
Receipt of Question Paper sets & OMR sheets at schools OR Online Mode IDs
21st September 2024
NASO Level-1 in India
6th Jan 2025
NASO Level-1 International
February 2025
Announcement of Level-1 results on www.naso.in
February 2025
NASO Level-2 Examination
March 2025
Receipt of Level-1 Certificates & Medals to schools
March 2025
Announcement of results Level-2 results on www.naso.in

Awards & Rewards

1st Prize

Winners will get a NASA Trip

2nd Prize

Winners will get a sponsored ISRO Education Trip for 3 days.

3rd Prize

Winners will get a power Telescopes

4th Prize

Winners will get the StudentSat program and kit.

5th Prize

Winners will get a free entry for next year's NASO exam.

and many more…

Student Gift Pack

Every enrolled student will get complimentary gifts worth Rs. 249/-:

1. Free Membership in the International Space Research club.

2. Online Kahoot Session by Ex-NASA Astronomer worth Rs. 99/-

Registration & Fee Structure

For Indian Schools: Rs. 250 Per Student (INR 50 per Student should be retained by school per participant as its expenses towards Honorarium of invigilator)

For International schools: 12 USD per Student (2 USD should be retained by the school only per participant as its expenses towards the Honorarium of the invigilator

Mode of Payment

Payment for the National Astronomy & Science Olympiad must be made through account payee cheque, demand draft or online bank transfer in favor of “Navars Edutech Pvt Ltd” payable at “Hyderabad”. School’s paying contributions by cash are requested to make the payment only to authorized person of the organization with the payment receipt.

A/C Name: Navars Edutech pvt ltd
A/C No: 131805501001

Depositing in cash in any computerized branch of ICICI Bank with the account name “Navars Edutech Pvt Ltd” with A/C No 131805501001& send the original counterfoil of pay-in-slip along with the registration form, or transferring the amount in our below-mentioned bank accounts.