At Navars Edutech, we have a 100% refund policy for unused credits/classes. In the case of DIY Kits, the price of the DIY kit will not be refundable. Refund requests are acted upon immediately.

NASO Olympiad is an examination and hence it is not refundable unless the program is cancelled by Navars Edutech. If for any reason student misses in participating at the Olympiad , the company may consider alternate opportunities to help student participate if the logistics permit.

We are committed to providing a superlative learning experience to your kids using the most innovative techniques. However, at any point, if you find that your kid’s learning experience is not what you expected, please email us at support@navarsedutech.com

The refund policy is applicable only for the paid class credits. It is not applicable to any class credits earned via referrals or any class credits gifted by Navars Edutech.

We will act on your request immediately and the refund will be issued within 72 hours.

The refund policy is applicable for all our one-time payment plans (subscription plans are not covered under the refund policy).